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 MS Outsourcing Services, a Michael Stevens subsidiary, specializes in the provision and management of Contract Staff in all categories, as well as the selection and placement of temporary staff for corporate organizations (including the oil & gas industry, banking, telecoms, manufacturing and multilateral organizations).

We have, over the past decade developed extensive experience and appreciable competence in rendering these services to our numerous clients.  In doing this, we have succeeded in carving a niche for ourselves in the outsourcing industry, through our total commitment to prompt and customer-driven service delivery, which has been the basis of our sustained relationship with our clients.


Our Capacity

We have a team of very professional and experienced personnel managing all aspects of the firm’s activity. All our clients have a relationship manager attached to them. These are well qualified and experienced staff members that are adequately empowered to carry out their functions.



  • The benefit of our expertise in human resources development and management (staff recruitment, staff training, and motivation).
  • The free benefit of attracting a very wide range of suitable applicants from our database for this project.
  • Significant savings on time incurred by management in managing such staff, hence better focus on areas of core competence and operations.
  • Steady reduction - in the medium and long term - in staff remuneration and other costs.
  • Virtually no cost of training as we will provide continuous training at no cost to the company.
  • Provision of compensation survey service to assist client in making effective salary review decision.

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